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About Artinci

Artinci Ice creams and desserts are made with entirely real and the most authentic ingredients, each of which you may otherwise eat on their own. Each batch of desserts is made with carefully curated authentic ingredients so that you get the best and natural taste. Artinci promise is that you will not find a lab-made chemical in our products - there are no flavouring agents, no preservatives, no emulsifying agents, no stabilisers. In short, no unpronounceables, no nasties!

Artinci has created a range of healthy snacks and desserts. There is something for everyone whether you are diabetic, fitness conscious, on a keto diet or just tuned into healthy eating. Our range of sugar free ice creams, shakes, snacks are designed to have lowest GI (Glycaemic Index), lower carb per serving without compromising on taste. So, you can satiate your cravings guilt-free!