Inclusion and Diversity in our DNA

December is the month of International Day of Persons with Disability and here's shining a spotlight on people, who are an integral part of Team Artinci.

Inclusion and Inclusiveness is a Core Value at Artinci. This tells in the products we make for all kinds of dietary restrictions – sugar free, gluten free, vegan – as well as in the team we have built. 

Since the beginning of Artinci’s existence as a company, we have always pledged to recruit from diverse groups – Persons with Disability and those from the LGBTQI Community. We partner with EnAble India and Solidarity Foundation Bangalore to hire from these talent pools. 

In the month of International Day of Persons with Disability, we present to you Nagesh’s story. Nagesh came to Artinci through Enable India’s skilling network, he has a physical disability, having been affected by polio as a child. 

Since Nagesh joined Artinci, he has steadily moved up the ranks – from being a part of the ice cream production team, to being an outlet staff fulfilling online delivery orders, to his current role – where he is now a supervisor and trainer of outlet staff across Bangalore. 

In his role now, he commutes by bike – the bike which he proudly bought, after he completed a year at Artinci - to every one of our 15 outlets across Bangalore, performs stock audits, coordinates with all outlets on stock position and checks outlet orders on WhatsApp. 

When he is not at work, Nagesh spends his time with his wife and two little daughters, who he adores and dotes on! #inclusion #talent #personswithdisabilities #artinci
Nagesh, Employee at Artinci, who is also a person with a disability