Behind the scenes: Vegan Ice Cream

Over the past 12 months, there have been many requests for Vegan Ice Cream. Making vegan ice cream was long on our list of products to launch, but as with all our desserts, we needed to be completely sure of our ingredients and their integrity.

We incorporate 3 different nut mylks in our vegan ice creams – Coconut mylk, Almond mylk and Cashew mylk. Now, most regular coconut mylks are UHT treated and non-creamy. We tried working with commercially available Almond Mylk, but this is too weak a mylk for ice cream which demands more creaminess. We tried working with Oat mylk, but this makes the ice cream taste like a bowl of oats! And there’s no known and reliable supply of Cashew mylk.

We decided to then take the long road to a great-tasting vegan ice cream. We found a great, local source for first-press, high fat coconut cream. We also started to make our own Almond mylk and Cashew mylk, in-house. We use only raw cane sugar and jaggery in all their “gudness”, to make a 100% high-integrity Vegan ice cream.

Ice creams in general do not use any ingredients that contain gluten (except maybe cookie dough). So all of Artinci’s vegan ice creams in general are also vegan gluten free ice creams, by default. Having vegan ice creams on our line-up is also in line with our core value of inclusion. Inclusive desserts that are for everyone!