No Sugar Spikes! Cravings are good.

One of the most gratifying moments of life at Artinci is when an Artinci consumer comes back to say that Artinci's sugar-free desserts help them lead a "normal life". Of being able to enjoy a small portion of dessert and still not register a blood sugar spike.

One of our consumers shared her CGM reading with us after eating a serving of our sugar free gluten free almond cake. A glorious testimonial of the care we take to design our portion sizes and our certified low GI sweetener in al our desserts. See below -

When you are diagnosed pre-diabetic or diabetic, there's a crushing realisation that this will mean many restrictions on what you can and cannot eat. I should know, been there, done that!

When I received a high HbA1C reading in 2015, that put me in the pre-diabetic zone, I first scrubbed my diet clean of many things I enjoyed eating. It worked for a few days, and then it got quickly old and boring to just eat nuts and fruit and dal and roti.

I learnt first-hand that diabetes is more about a sustainable change in lifestyle. About portion control. About moderation. About fanatically reading product labels. About choosing wisely, what I choose to eat. Trying to permanently ban any regular foods that I enjoyed eating (like dessert), was not really a sustainable lifestyle change for me.

Satisfying a craving, with a small portion of well-made dessert, with high-quality ingredients - eaten as a snack, instead of at the end of a meal - worked better to keep me on my way back to good health. Along the way, I discovered actual research that proves the same thing and felt quite validated!

I have reversed my pre-diabetic state for over 5 years now, through discipline with workouts, portion control and mindful indulgence. And Artinci's purpose reflects my lived experience - of being able to provide a spoonful of joy, that is safe to eat, is made with ingredients that are premium, from natural sources and low on GI.

And when a mother gets back to say that she has been able to buy a sugar-free ice cream for her diabetic 7 y.o. daughter and is delighted to see that her blood sugar did not spike - my day just cannot get any better than that!