Read the Label!

I still remember the chill down my spine, when I picked up a low- calorie Stevia sweetener off of a retail shelf a few months ago, to read the ingredients on the back of pack, as has been my habit for over a decade now.

The chill I experienced was from knowing that one of the ingredients in there, "Dextrose", has a Glycemic Index value of 110, vs. Sugar's 65. Another ingredient in there, "Maltodextrin" also has a Glycemic Index higher than that of sugar, at about 100.

The chill down my spine returned, when I saw a giant ad for the product, in the national dailies a few days ago. As someone who has researched low GI foods and ingredients for over 5 years now, this is an alarming set of ingredients, all bunched together in the same product, masquerading under the cover of Stevia.

In simple terms, consuming very high GI foods can give you a very quick spike in your blood sugar levels. This can be dangerous, if you eat a lot of it, thinking of it as a healthy substitute, or if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic and eating this in combination with other high GI foods regularly.

Choosing low calorie vs. quality of calories can be dangerous too. That is a post for another day!

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