Thoughtful, Mindful of your Pets too.....Coz we have one at home :-)

We have a little four-legged thief at home. He manages to quietly sneak into the kitchen and get hold of food on the edge of the counter.

Today, he managed to score Artinci's Sugar-free Almond Cake, which I had brought home for taste-testing (yeah, I have a nice job like that!)

All the R&D that went into designing Artinci's sugar-free sweetener paid off in just that moment. There is NO Xylitol in any of Artinci's products. Xylitol is toxic to pets. We are committed to never using an ingredient that may make any of our products remotely toxic.

As for Artinci's newest consumer, he's been particularly pleased with himself today. And very hopeful for the next time the kitchen door is left wide open. Who knows what treat he might find there next!

#dogsoflinkedin #nonasties
Dog eating sugar-free and xylitol-free Almond Cake