Gluten Free Sugar Free Rich Plum Cake (Made with Almond flour)

Sugar Free Plum Cake (Gluten Free)
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Gluten Free Sugar Free Rich Plum Cake (Made with Almond flour)

Rich and festive Sugar Free Plum Cake that is perfect for this holiday season. It evokes every warm winter memory you have.
Rich with dried fruits. Redolent with warm spices and the goodness of almond flour and ZERO sugar - Life is indeed sweet without sugar!

  • Perfect Christmas & New year gift: Celebrate this festive season with a healthy, rich, aromatic plum cake. A perfect gift for your loved ones and to yourself.

  • 100% Almond flour: This rich Sugar Free Plum Cake is made with only 100% almond flour, without any other fillers, making it a gluten free, tasty treat.

  • Made with certified low GI sweetener: So you can focus on enjoying the cake and not worry about sugar spikes.
    Our sweetener is made with natural stevia, erythritol and FOS.
    To give you the right balance of taste, without compromising on your health goals.

  • Aromatically spiced Dry fruits & Berries: This plum cake has the rich aroma of soaked dried fruits and warm spices, making it your perfect holidays companion!

  • Net carbs 6 g: This tasty plum cake comes with low carbs in each serving.

Almond flour, Mixed Dried Fruits and Nuts, Butter, Eggs, 100% Sugar Free Sweetener (Erythritol, FOS, Stevia), Ghee, Sugar free strawberry compote, Warm Spice Mix, Cashews, Baking powder, Vanilla extract

  • Calories (Kcal) 163
  • Carbohydrates (g) 8.3
  • Net Carbs (g) 6.4
  • Fats (g) 11.5
  • Cholesterol (mg) 57
  • Proteins (g) 4.2

The old-fashioned baker really comes out in a few of us, while prepping for this cake. Orange peels are chopped, ginger is grated, dried fruits are bought and examined - all of this about 10 months before Christmas, when oranges are still in season - and they all go into an ageing barrel. While baking, a heavenly pumpkin spice mix is freshly ground, for each small batch after small batch, to freshly flavour each plum cake with redolent warm spices. We have a bunch of fun while we prep for this and its another reason why we look forward to the holiday season so much!

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