single origin chocolate studded with roasted almond and seasalt. 100% sugar free, vegan and keto low carb Artinci chocolate bar

Sugar free Keto Chocolate Bars

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    100% Sugar free keto vegan chocolate bar collection. These chocolate bars are your perfect companion for your anytime craving without compromising on your health or taste. Indulge yourself!
    4 products
    hazelnut sugarfree keto chocolate
    Keto chocolate NI
    Sugar free Hazelnut Chocolate Keto Bar - Vegan
    Rs. 168.00
    Sugar free keto 60% dark chocolate single origin
    Sugar free keto vegan dark chocolate Key features
    Sugar free 60% Dark Chocolate Keto Bar - Vegan
    from Rs. 160.00 Regular price Rs. 168.00 Save Rs. 8
    cashew and cranberry chocolate bar vegan sugar free keto
    Sugar free Cashew Cranberries Chocolate Keto Bar - Vegan
    Rs. 168.00

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