Artinci healthy desserts

Why Us ?

Designed for no sugar spikes!

Carefully crafted products to make sure you get the best of both worlds - Low GI and Low Carb together deliver an ultra-low glycemic load

Certified Low GI Sweetener

Artinci's proprietary sweetener blend is tested Low on GI at CFTRI - India's premier food technology institution.

Low Carb & Keto

Macros matter! Low carb ingredients + recommended portions = ideal for cravings while keeping you on track of your health goals


About Us

At Artinci, we aim to bring joy, with our sugar-free, guilt-free and absolutely great-tasting desserts, that help you indulge mindfully and continue to stay on track of your health goals. Read more About Us and About our Product Philosophy


We make our own sweetener blend with natural stevia and low GI polyols like erythritol etc.

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