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The Fun Jobs we have at Artinci!


Whether you are looking for our sugar free cake in Delhi or our sugar free cake in Bangalore, do take 5 minutes to walk through the process behind the scenes.

Our typical day is filled with lots and lots of testing and tasting and testing some more and tasting some more – either in our search for the next sugar-free dessert, or in our quest to improve what we already make and make it even better.

To do this, we gather up our customer requests, think of ways in which we can serve them a daily dose of joy, create recipes and get cracking in the test kitchen, taste what comes out of there, go back and improve it, rinse and repeat – till we are very happy with what we have created.

We then send this final-ish version to some of our customers, to get their feedback. We work on their feedback some more and then we are ready to launch our next Rockstar sugar-free dessert! Through all of this, we ensure that we use only a low GI sweetener (lab-tested and certified) – to make sure that your blood sugar levels remain steady.

All of this rigour later, we are ready to deliver our sugar free cakes, sugar free cookies, sugar free chocolate bars and sugar free ice cream to all of Bangalore, Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Mumbai and Pune.

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