Sugar Free Cakes - Low Carb, Keto

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    11 products

    Artinci's Sugar Free Cakes are healthy desserts, carefully crafted with one central concept in mind: indulgence should bring you pure joy, not guilt. The calories in these sugar-free desserts also carry nutrition, so no worries. These are natural desserts, made with natural ingredients that inspire trust.

    As a result, almond flour is the only ingredient in each of the gluten-free cakes. And a zero-sugar sweetener derived from plants that contains NO artificial ingredients. A sweetener with a pleasant taste and no sugar spikes, making this a wonderful diabetic dessert.

    Also check out our new range of diabetic-friendly, low GI, low carb Millet Cakes. Made with 100% low GI sweetener with the goodness of multigrains including superseeds, millets, nut flour.

    Are you up to some healthy snacking then? Get your treat today.

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