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TLDR :) - Artinci's desserts taste great, while being better for you (backed by scientific evidence), your body, and your dessert-loving soul! They cause no unhealthy sugar spikes and are safe for the most sensitive among us - diabetics or pre-diabetics

Artinci was born out of Aarti's and Sumit's (Artinci's founders) abiding love for great-tasting dessert, while helping them stay committed to their health goals as well. As a result, Artinci makes delicious desserts with zero sugar, that are science and evidence-backed.  

Aarti and Sumit come from a family of three generations of diabetics. They were themselves diagnosed pre-diabetic in 2012, and right there began a lifelong quest of a healthy, active lifestyle, including healthy swaps in food.

The family loves their desserts a little too much though! As the running inside joke in the family goes, food is optional but dessert is mandatory. Thus, Artinci! A joyous combination of health and taste, both. 

All products at Artinci are made with a lab-tested, low glycemic index sweetener, which comes from a natural stevia blend. This blend is an Artinci OG invention, formulated for near-sugar-like taste, with none of the carbs of calories. A patent application has been filed for this. 

We didn't stop at just removing sugar from our favourite desserts though. We also removed other unhealthy ingredients like maida, hydrogenated fats, loads of chemical additives - and put back all the good stuff - seeds and nuts flours, almonds, good fats, protein rich ingredients, prebiotic fibre that is good for gut health. 

What's more, each dessert is tested for sugar spikes, on Aarti and Sumit - by using a Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, to ensure that desserts from Artinci cause no unhealthy sugar spikes. 

Join Artinci's Tribe of over 100,000+ happy customers, who are each pursuing their health goals in the most delicious way!