About us

Who doesn't love ice cream? But the lack of nutrition makes it a guilty pleasure.

We are Ice cream lovers and decided that not all indulgences need be sinful, and in March 2018, we started our journey as Artinci to provide ice creams with premium, all-natural ingredients, No preservatives, No nasties.

Natural, clean label & awesome!

Artinci Real ice creams are bold and unafraid to stand on their own, bursting with original flavour - because the most authentic, real ingredients go into naturally flavouring the ice creams we handcraft. Our ice creams are 100% vegetarian, 100% natural with No chemicals, No preservatives, No Artificial Flavours , No Syrups in our ice creams. In short, No Nasties. It's an Artinci Promise!

Creating social impact, one life, one family at a time

In addition to selling natural, chemical-free ice cream, Artinci has a larger mission: We prioritize providing livelihoods to diverse sections of our community — persons with disability, those who identify as LGBT, among others. We actively seek out employees from these communities and have tie ups with Enable India and Solidarity foundation to recruit candidates to match them with right jobs they can perform. They make us proud.