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All of the Joy, None of the Guilt – Artinci!

The Artinci story begins where the Founders, Aarti and Sumit, began to search for a wholesome dessert for their family, especially for themselves and for their diabetic seniors that included an almost-centenarian grandmom, with an insatiable sweet tooth – the norm was to eat a dessert, with quite literally, a pill at the side! 

Their quest led to a lot of research on Glycemic Index, Glycemic load, Vegan diet, gluten-free diet and so on. Aarti wanted a tailor-made dessert that had Low GI, NO added sugars, NO additives, NO preservatives, NO added colours, with all the nutrients of the Proteins and Carbs, intact. A tall order indeed! 

But the love for desserts stayed intact, it just wouldn’t go away! So, Aarti decided to create sugar-free desserts, minus all the sugar spikes and crash diets. Several months of research went into it, until she arrived at a combination which doesn’t compromise on taste nor on good health. 

And then, Aarti and Sumit decided to share this a-ha moment with the world, that it is absolutely possible to stay healthy and indulge, guilt-free! And Artinci was born!

Our food scientists and gourmet bakers hatch new ways every single day, to craft delicious goodies that are free of maida, sugar or hydrogenated bad fats. Instead, nuts and seeds flours or wholesome almond flour, plant-based sweeteners and other luscious ingredients like dark chocolate, let you forget about sugar spikes or excessive carbs.

A typical day at Artinci is filled with lots and lots of testing and tasting and testing some more, and tasting some more – either in search of creating another sugar-free dessert, or in the quest to improve what we have already made, and make it even better. To do this, we gather up our customer requests, think of ways in which we can serve them a daily dose of joy, create recipes, and get cracking in the test kitchen, with a firm eye on your health!

Then, we taste what comes out of there, go back and improve it, repeatedly, till we are happy with what we have created. We then send this ‘final’ version to some of our customers, to get their feedback. We work on their feedback some more, and then we are ready to launch our next Rockstar sugar-free dessert!

The main idea behind Artinci’s desserts with zero added sugar, is that they have to taste absolutely amazing too, while having none of the ill effects that come with heavy sugary desserts. 

We make this happen with our plant-based Low Glycemic Index (GI) sweetener that is a blend of:

  1. Polyols (ultra-low GI sugar alcohol fermented from natural sources like corn or sugarcane)
  2. FOS Fructooligosaccharide (prebiotic fibre derived from sugarcane, good for your gut health too) and 
  3. Stevia (a plant whose leaves are far sweeter than sugar, but Zero GI)

And Artinci is also committed to using No Artificial Sweeteners. 

What’s more - Our sweetener blend is lab-tested and certified as having a Low Glycemic Index, and hence, cause no sugar spikes in the body. This is how we make sure that every dessert from the Artinci kitchen is absolutely safe for diabetics.

All of the Joy! None of the Guilt! That’s our funda. Life is indeed sweet without sugar! 

What’s higher than “low carb” or “no maida” or “low this” or “no that”?

Good carbs.
Good oils.
Good fibre.
It’s all good.

Artinci is possessed with feeding you as much of the good stuff as possible in the best forms possible. So even when you’re indulging, you’re getting deliciousness, tons of fibre, the right kind of carbs, fats that are good for you. This is our life’s mission at Artinci.

If it is a Dark Chocolate Cookie, actual dark chocolate goes into it. If it is a Roasted Almond Ice Cream, there is real roasted almond butter in there. Our Cheesecakes are made with house-made real Mascarpone cheese. What’s more, we are committed to keeping our food miles as low as possible. All key ingredients - be it vanilla, chocolate, coffee - are all grown right here in India. Kerala-grown single-origin Chocolate, or Vanilla from the Western Ghats, taste just as wonderful as their international counterparts.

This means we don't just eliminate bad things, we swap them out with amazingly good stuff. At Artinci, Ingredient Integrity will ALWAYS trump over Ingredient Cost. That’s an Artinci promise! Natural ingredients. Real ingredients – this is the Artinci philosophy. 

What sets apart Artinci desserts from other desserts that also make health claims? Every dessert of Artinci is crafted with utmost care, with Zero-sugar, natural plant-based sweeteners, making sure that every ingredient that is used 

  • Is Low GI and Low Carb
  • Has no refined flours like maida, 
  • Has no high GI sweeteners like Maltodextrin
  • Has NO unhealthy, hydrogenated fats are used

This killer combination of product values, ensures that Artinci’s desserts are not sugar free in name only, but actually keep you safe with no unhealthy sugar spikes

Our desserts satiate your taste buds, you get the satisfaction of eating a dessert, without the addition of sugar, excessive carbs, artificial colours or flavours to your system. These desserts taste like the actual sugar-added counterparts, but are a healthier option for the health-conscious.

Our Founders

Aarti Laxman Rastogi (Founder)
Sumit Rastogi (Co-Founder)