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Artinci makes desserts which are sugar free and low carb, desserts which are made with natural ingredients, desserts sans chemicals or preservatives. What makes Artinci desserts different from other desserts? Our desserts satiate your taste buds, you get the satisfaction of eating a dessert, without adding sugar, excessive carbs, artificial colours or flavours to your system. These desserts taste like the actual sugar-added desserts, but are a healthier option for the health-conscious.

We created Artinci because we come from diabetic families, where the norm for previous generations in the family was quite literally to eat a dessert, along with a pill on the side, for diabetes management. In short, like every other Indian, we love our desserts a lot! We love them so much that we decided to make them ourselves, and more importantly, we decided to make them absolutely safe for a diabetic to eat.

We ourselves were pre-diabetic at one point - and reversed it - by adopting fitness-related habits, making a bunch of food swaps and practising moderation with eating. But the love for desserts stayed intact, it just wouldn’t go away! So, we decided to create delicious, sugar-free versions, minus all the sugar spikes and crash diets. Several months of research went into it, until we arrived at a combination which doesn’t compromise on taste nor on good health.

Making the right choices helped us to stay on the right track of our health goals, by being able to enjoy our dessert, while continuing to eat healthy and have a sense of normalcy in our life. We decided to share this a-ha moment with the world, that it is absolutely possible to stay healthy and indulge, guilt-free! And Artinci was born!

Artinci’s Sugar Free Foods contain ZERO Sugar, are made with a Low GI Sweetener and other Low GI / Low Carb Ingredients, have 90% less Glycemic Load, 50% less calories, 75% less carbs. 

All of the Joy! None of the Guilt :)

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