Sugar-free joy for Diabetics and the Health-conscious

sugar free keto truffle cake
Chocolate Truffle Sugar free Keto Cake (Gluten Free) (BANGALORE ONLY)
Rs. 999.00
Keto Berries Cake, Sugar free, Gluten Free, Low Carb
Rs. 549.00
Almond cake sugar free keto
Tea cake
Almond Flour Cake - Sugar free, Keto, Gluten Free
Rs. 549.00
Double Dark Chocolate Cookies - Sugar free, Keto
Rs. 275.00 Regular price Rs. 299.00 Save Rs. 24
cashew cranberry minis diabetic friendly keto friendly weight watchers
Cashew Cranberries Sugar Free Chocolate - Keto Vegan Chocolate Minis
Rs. 449.00
hazelnut sugarfree keto chocolate
Keto chocolate NI
Hazelnut Sugar Free Chocolate - Keto Vegan Chocolate Bar
Rs. 199.00
Keto brownie sugar free low carb
Keto Mini Ultra Lo Carb Brownie - Sugar free
Rs. 65.00
Blueberry Keto Cheese cake
Blueberry Keto Cheesecake - Low Carb, Sugar free (Available in Bangalore, Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Pune, Chennai only)
Rs. 180.00
Sugar free true chocolate keto low carb ice cream
True Chocolate Sugar free Keto Ice cream
Rs. 150.00
coffee buzz sugar free keto low carb ice cream
Coffee Buzz sugar free low carb ice cream
Rs. 150.00
Designed for no sugar spikes!

Carefully crafted products to make sure you get the best of both worlds - Low GI and Low Carb together deliver an ultra-low glycemic load

Certified Low GI Sweetener

Artinci's proprietary sweetener blend is tested Low on GI at CFTRI - India's premier food technology institution.

Low Carb & Keto

Macros matter! Low carb ingredients + recommended portions = ideal for cravings while keeping you on track of your health goals


At Artinci, we aim to bring joy, with our sugar-free, guilt-free and absolutely great-tasting desserts, that help you indulge mindfully and continue to stay on track of your health goals. Read more About Us and About our Product Philosophy

From our customers


Idon’t know how to thank you guys for the whole experience created around buyingketoice creams whichis a boonto diabetes patients. You have flavours for every member inthe family. Keep up the good work!


I tried the chocolate bar today. I think it’s the crown jewel of Artinci.

Btw: I cant stop eating the plum cake, I consumed about 50gm per sitting, once a day and twice on a Sunday. So far, my ketosis is still on. You guys have done something right.

I have a severe case of insulin resistance (pre diabetes), and hence my body reacts to carbs explosively. Hence my paranoia.…Also, I have been eating a lot of your desserts for about a week now and I got my blood tests in middle of it all on purpose. Tests came out normal. “


Actually, I need some information about sugarfree ice cream ingredients. Yesterday, I consumed it my sugar levels was absolutely normal so my dietician likes to know and prescribe to other patients.


I must tell you that I have been having and recommending low carb snacking options to people and hence been preview to many such products including Ketofy, lo carb , God Particle etc. But your cookies are excellent and going by the nutritional content binding agents and sweeteners used they are surely 10/10

Wanted to thank and compliment your entire team. I am recommending this in my health groups for those who consult me and following me to buy the same.

Col Gautam Guha


We make our own sweetener blend with natural stevia and low GI polyols like erythritol etc.