Diabetic Range

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Life is sweet without sugar!

Looking for a healthy sweet option? You have come to the right place. Artinci is all about healthy desserts with ZERO Added Sugar. Our sugar-free desserts as well as sugar-free healthy snacks are not only healthy but also finger-licking delicious! We have something for everyone -vegan desserts, keto desserts, gluten-free desserts, desserts that will help with weight loss, diabetic desserts, sugar-free Indian sweets and more.

Keto Range

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Dessert Chronicles

Read about myths and truths about the world of sugar free sweeteners, managing diabetes, tip, tricks and hacks from the founder & other experts.

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    We understand that sugar is not good for health, but did you know that even jaggery, honey are not safe for diabetics? Read more here.

    Therefore, we only work with natural stevia based sweeteners which do not cause unwanted sugar spikes.

  • Low Carb, Low Calorie

    All our products have atleast 40-80% lower carbs than regular desserts & snacks. A low carb diet is indeed a good diet. Read more here.