Our Ingredient Story

While crafting great ice creams and desserts, Artinci is firmly committed to environmental sustainability and to keeping food miles down to the barest minimum. We have an unwavering belief in India’s biodiversity, which is rich enough to produce the core flavouring ingredients for world-class, super-premium ice cream, grown right here on Indian soil. As a result, you will not find Madagascar Vanilla or Ghanaian cocoa or South American Coffee when the foothills or the forest shade of the Western Ghats grows all of these in abundance, supporting indigenous communities, wildlife and sacred forests along the way. We are delighted to have the opportunity to strike partnerships with growers, producers and master craftspeople who work their expert magic with their product. The common thread that runs through Artinci’s supply chain is passion and an unparalleled love and pride that the makers share for their produce. At the same time, we do look globally to source some very specific ingredients that are best produced in only specific pockets of the world - think Japan for Matcha or Italy for Balsamic Vinegar.


Gourmet Vanilla

The sweet notes of vanilla in our ice cream comes from Vanilla beans grown sustainably, using indigenously developed cultivation methods, right on the slopes of the Western Ghats in Tamil Nadu. And the tiny, beautiful dark dots you see through a scoop of Artinci ice cream? That’s the real vanilla deal – vanilla seeds doing their job of flavouring your ice cream for you.

Real Chocolate Couverture

We believe the real chocolate taste comes from chocolate couverture and not compound chocolate which is typically used for cooking and ice creams. We bring our chocolate from two passionate family-owned businesses in Tamil Nadu and Kerala, who love and revere chocolate in its truest form. They tease chocolate out of their cocoa beans the completely natural way – the chocolate is fruity and aromatic, retaining all its original flavor notes, untouched by chemicals processing agents The result? A unique-tasting creamy dark chocolate ice cream that tastes just like very good chocolate should!

We source sugar free chocolate to use in sugar free ice cream uses natural sweeteners instead of artificial sweeteners or refined sugar to give you a truly sugar free and gourmet chocolate experience.


Artinci’s signature flavor is the “Cold-Brew Coffee”. It is an intensely flavoured ice cream that tastes like cappuccino in a scoop. To produce this flavor, we work with two of the best coffee producers we have the privilege of knowing and working with. One is a coffee collective that is built on well-researched, sustainable agriculture practices. This coffee comes from farms in the Western Ghats, that follow biodiversity-friendly farming practices. The other is an artisanal coffee which follows the principle of “Only the finest artisan beans, only the freshest roasts”. They grow most of their offerings on their estates in Coorg, Karnataka. Both provide coffee beans that are freshly roasted and custom-ground for Artinci.

Lowest GI, Natural Stevia Based Sweetener

After researching and experimenting for a year of hard work, we created a natural blend of stevia based sweetener which is not only lowest in glycemic index but also has the lowest carbohydrate. So you can have the same great taste without the added calories or a spike in your blood sugar. With this, now cravings are a thing of past while we create delectable dessert options for those who are following strict diet, are diabetic or health concious.