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Artinci Team

It was in 2009 when I first started to take my diet and health seriously. While reading food nutrition labels and ingredients, I’d always be amazed and annoyed, all at the same time, at how the front of a pack says one thing and the back of the pack tells a different story. 


Do they really not expect anyone to read what is printed on the back of the pack? The fleeting thought occurred to me, more than once, that if I ran a food company, the matter on both front and back should match! I am still that idealist! 😊 


Along my health journey, I added workout plans, turned marathon runner, and reversed pre-diabetes as well. I learnt the importance of eating more of low glycemic index foods and fewer carbs, more protein, healthy fats, and to always keep the quality of calories high. 


In between all the days of following a healthy lifestyle, there’d be the “cheat day” or “cheat weekend” of indulgence, of “letting go”, which would feel like I had taken a couple of steps back, been derailed. 


That’s when it occurred to me that indulgence should be joyous and conscious. Indulgence is NOT about cheating, and who am I cheating anyway?! Even while indulging, the calories must be of high quality and provide some nutrition, and not be entirely empty and low quality.


I admit that I unabashedly love my desserts. I also want to keep my desserts as healthy as I possibly know, with high quality and healthy ingredients. While doing all that, my dessert has to taste great too, else, what’s the point even?!


That’s why at Artinci, we make food that I am personally happy to eat, first thing in the morning and the last thing at night. Food that we are delighted to share with the youngest child in our family and the oldest Elder. 


More importantly, we make food where the food claims that we make are backed by both (in equal parts) science and gourmet taste buds, are backed up by ingredients we choose to use and proudly list on the back of the pack. We took out the nasties (maida, sugar, palm oil) and put back so much good (almonds, seeds, nuts, dark chocolate, zero added sugar, cold pressed oils) into each of our products! 


At Artinci, Life’s Sweet without Sugar. If you are considering a healthy indulgence, Welcome to the Fam, and more power to you!


  • Aarti - The Founder