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Carbs are cheap, Healthy & Cheap do not usually go together

Aarti Laxman

Did you know that high-carb products are often cheaper, but a low-carb diet is essential for health and managing diabetes?

For years, the cheapest and most available options have been high in carbs, sugar, and empty calories. But with skyrocketing diabetes rates, that needs to change.

Often we take the convenient route of snacking and then rationalize it as 'chalta hai, we can manage our diabetes with our medicines'. And this saga continues before it gets worse and a doctor needs to prescribe what you can eat and what you cannot. There is also a complacency of age albeit the other way round. 'Since I am young, I can eat anything - (sure you can, but hey eating better doesn't hurt!), diet and 'control' is for older folks'. The truth is there is no age for doing the right thing.

We are creatures of habit -

Very few of us actually spend time reading labels and making rational decisions to purchase a product. The two things which we usually end up checking are - if there is a familiar name in the ingredients (wheat, almond, dietary fibre) & 'reasonable' price to decide to pick up the pack. Some of us also gawk at the fact as to why these 'healthy' products are expensive. The answer lies in ingredients, formulations and the hard road brands take to ensure you get a cleaner, healthier, better version of the products. For the record, it is extremely difficult to work with healthier ingredients to replicate the taste, texture and consistency of a regular product.

Low Carb --> Better Macros --> Higher protein, Higher Fiber

While low carb gives you better macros, the fact is that carbs also help bulk up the product. So the space vacated by carbs has to be taken by the right ingredients which are rich in protein and fiber. Both protein and fiber are essential for good health and are again expensive ingredients. Price comes down with scale and hopefully, someday these prices of regular and healthier alternatives will get closer to their regular cousins.

Many folks have started to make changes in their lifestyle avoiding high-carb foods/diets and switching to low-carb diets while some of us may still be sitting on the fence.

The truth is, high carb and processed foods are often cheaper and more convenient. But as a diabetic, eating a low carb diet is critical for your health. At Artinci, we are committed to providing affordable, low carb alternatives so you can easily make healthy swaps in your diet.

In 2024, we shouldn't have to sacrifice health for price or convenience. We spend hours researching the latest in nutrition science and testing recipes in our kitchen to create low carb, diabetes-friendly ingredients and products at a cost comparable to high carb options. Our team is dedicated to using only the highest quality, natural ingredients in innovative ways.

The time for a healthier you is now. Embrace the low carb life!


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