Multigrain Millet Cookies

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    Zero Sugar, guilt-free snacking with delicious Multigrain Millet Cookies! The perfect blend of nutrition and flavour with the goodness of foxtail millets, flax seeds, coconut, and high protein soy flour. Plus, a low-GI natural sweetener to give that guilt-free sweetness! Here's a tasty snack without sacrificing any of the health benefits! 

    These low-carb cookies will surely make you go nostalgic about Grandma's Millet biscuits - bless her, she knew about the benefits of Millets and Millet flour! These Millet Cookies are now available online, near you, at your favorite Artinci store. The zero-sugar diabetic-friendly Millet Cookies are rich in fiber content - they help with your weight loss goals and make a healthy mid-morning or evening snack. Go for this multigrain bliss today and you will surely come back for more!

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