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Why Most Diabetic Biscuits Are Unfit for Consumption (And How We Fixed It!)

Sumit Rastogi

I remember that day in 2020, at the height of the pandemic,

when I was looking through "Digestive biscuits for diabetics" on Amazon. I was shocked and angry with what I saw. Hydrogenated Fats, Maida were on the ingredients list of some of them. Digestive Cookies also came up on the search and those digestive cookies were thought of as healthy even within my own extended family. Maida is shockingly often the first ingredient there, along with palm oil and maltodextrin. Maltodextrin! The one with a Glycemic Index of 110!!

As if managing diabetes isn't hard enough, we're stuck with these dangerous choices which are directly marketed to diabetics or are very popular in the community, as a healthy choice. The very cynicism of this kind of marketing to such a sensitive audience is rage-inducing! At Artinci, we were furious that diabetics were being sold subpar cookies made with the worst possible ingredients. You even start questioning if the sugar free biscuits are ok for diabetics at all! Diabetes is difficult enough to live with, you deserve a cookie that's actually worth eating and completely safe for you. We're here to change that and give you cookies you can feel good about.

Here's the Proof too!

Here's a look at what the Continuous Glucose Monitor that I wear, to test all of Artinci’s products on my own self, shows. I ate one serving of Digestive Biscuits with my morning coffee on one day, and one serving of Artinci’s Almond Cookies with my morning coffee another day:

CGM comparison of artinci cookies

Here’s a look at the ingredients that caused this result:

Are digestive biscuits ok for diabetics

And here is a comparison of Nutrition info of both. Do note that Almond cookies are supposed to be consumed 2 at a time (16g) but for comparison sake, we have indexed it to 100g.

nutri choice digestive biscuits for diabetics

A high carb digestive biscuit does not really help a diabetic to keep their sugar levels in check, on the contrary would continue to spike blood sugar levels. 


The Problem With Most "Diabetic" Cookies

Now you know why you must read those labels at the back of all packs. Maida, Invert Sugar, Hydrogenated Fats are all poor ingredients for anyone, let alone diabetics. For a product marketed specifically to diabetics, the quality and type of ingredients matter greatly.

Regular cookies are already a bad choice for diabetics due to the high amounts of carbohydrates and sugar. "Diabetic" cookies that just replace real sugar with artificial sweeteners but still contain refined grains and oils are not much better. Those ingredients can spike blood sugar, promote inflammation in the body, and may cause digestive issues in some people.

Sugar-free cookies sweetened with stevia, monk fruit or erythritol and made with whole ingredients like almond flour, millets, coconut flour or flax meal are superior options for diabetics. They provide fiber, protein and good fats to balance out the carbohydrates. At Artinci, we make Almond Cookies that are 100% Almond Flour, Multigrain Millet Oats cookies, where the flour used is 40% diabetes friendly grains as well as whole wheat atta.

If you have diabetes, you deserve a treat that will keep you safe and won't sabotage your health. Don't settle for just the word "diabetic" cookies on the front of pack. Also look at the ingredients and nutrition info on the back of the pack. Look for high-quality, natural options with simple, diabetes-friendly ingredients or learn to make your own at home. Your body and taste buds will thank you!

Why Ingredients Like Maida and Hydrogenated Oils Are Harmful

Hydrogenated oils and trans fats wreak havoc

Hydrogenated oils, especially partially hydrogenated oil, can negatively impact health. Trans fats found in these oils have been shown to harm heart health and raise bad (LDL) cholesterol levels. Eating trans fats from partially hydrogenated oils may lead to 30,000-100,000 premature heart-related deaths annually.

Maida spikes blood sugar

Maida is highly refined wheat flour that ranks high on the glycemic index, causing blood sugar spikes. For diabetics trying to control blood glucose, maida is one of the worst ingredients.

Instead of maida and hydrogenated oils, we use ingredients like almond flour, foxtail millets, coconut flour, flax seeds, real butter and sunflower oil in our diabetic-friendly cookies. These alternative flours have fiber, protein, and healthy fats to help slow the digestion of carbohydrates and prevent blood sugar spikes.

When it comes to diabetes management and health, the quality of ingredients really does matter. You deserve a treat made with nutritious ingredients that keep your health in mind. Next time you're shopping for diabetic cookies or any “health” product, read the label and avoid maida, hydrogenated oils and other harmful additives. Let label-reading be your superpower!

Our Quest to Create Truly Diabetes-Friendly Cookies

When we set out to create diabetes-friendly cookies, we were on a quest for ingredients that wouldn’t spike blood sugar. We wanted cookies that were actually good for you.

Finding the Right Ingredients

The first order of business was finding alternative flours with a minimal impact on blood glucose. Nut flours like almond, seeds and nuts are low in carbs yet add richness. Coconut flour is high in fiber which helps slow sugar absorption. We tested various flour blends to get the perfect texture for drop cookies, settling on a 100% almond flour, for our Almond Only Almond Cookies. For our Multigrain Oats Cookies, we blend a multigrain flour in-house that has Whole Wheat (65%) and 35% other healthy grains.

For sweetness without the sugar, we use a blend of stevia, a natural plant-based sweetener. Stevia is calorie-free and does not affect blood sugar. Along with stevia, we blend other low Glycemic Index sweeteners Erythritol and FructoOligosaccharide (FOS), which are both plant-based. FOS is in fact a prebiotic fibre, and supports gut health. We have also had this sweetener lab-tested as low on the glycemic index.

Healthy fats from sunflower oil and grass-fed butter provide crispness and moisture. Sunflower oil has Omega 6 compounds that are beneficial for heart healthy. Butter in small quantities provides satiety, and prevents you from overeating your snack, it also contains compounds like butyrate that may improve insulin sensitivity.

Additional Health Boosters

To further enhance nutrition, 35% of our Multigrain range is real and healthy multigrain - High Protein Soy Flour (15%) Foxtail Millet (10%), Coconut Flour (5%), Flax Seeds (5%)

We use a defatted soy flour where the reduced fat content automatically pushes up the available plant protein content. Amongst all the millets, Foxtail Millet has the lowest Glycemic Index and so we have carefully chosen to work with it. Coconut Flour and Flax meal, both have fibre and good fats, great for digestion and the heart.

The result is a cookie that is satisfyingly sweet but won’t cause a spike and crash. Our customers tell us these are the only store-bought cookies they can eat without guilt. If you’re managing diabetes or just want a treat that’s good for you, give our Almond Only Almond Cookies, Double Dark Chocolate Cookies, Multigrain Oats Cookies a try. Your blood sugar — and your taste buds—will thank you.

The Importance of High-Quality Ingredients in Diabetic Biscuits

High-quality ingredients are essential for diabetic biscuits. The ingredients used have a direct impact on the nutritional quality and health benefits. The Maida that is used in most popular biscuits makes for an addictive snack, but lacks nutrients like vitamins, minerals and fiber that diabetics need. Sugar-free biscuits with wholesome ingredients can be part of a healthy diet for diabetics.

Natural Sweeteners

Rather than artificial sweeteners, we use natural sweeteners like stevia extract and plant-derived sweeteners like high fibre FOS and Erythritol. As you saw from my CGM evidence, these natural sweeteners have virtually no effect on blood sugar and are considered safe for most people with diabetes. More importantly, they provide the sweetness that all human beings, including diabetics crave, without the unhealthy effects of excess sugar.

High-Protein Flours

We incorporate flours with more protein and nutrients like almond flour, soy flour, coconut flour. These flours have significantly more protein than regular wheat flour. They also have more healthy fats, fiber and various vitamins and minerals. The additional protein and fiber help keep you feeling full, which can aid weight management and improve blood sugar control.

Good Fats

Healthy fats from ingredients like butter, sunflower oil, flax seeds provide energy, satiety and help your body absorb fat-soluble vitamins like vitamin D, E and K. That feeling of satiety – satisfaction and feeling of fullness with your small snack - may help with weight loss and blood sugar control..

High-quality, wholesome ingredients are key to diabetic biscuits that nourish your body. Our biscuits are made to be delicious and satisfying but also provide real health benefits for people with diabetes. We will never use cheap filler ingredients, artificial sweeteners or sugar that undermine your health and wellbeing. You deserve better, and we are committed to providing that.

How Our Sugar Free Cookies Support Healthy Blood Sugar

Our sugar-free cookies are specially formulated to support healthy blood sugar levels in diabetics. Unlike most commercially available “diabetic” cookies, ours are made from high-quality, natural ingredients that provide nutritional benefits.

Made with Natural, Nutritious Ingredients

Our sugar-free biscuits contain ingredients like almond flour, soy flour, foxtail millets, coconut flour, flaxseed meal. These ingredients are high in protein, fiber, and healthy fats that help slow the digestion of carbohydrates and minimize blood sugar spikes. The Almond Only Almond Cookie is also naturally gluten free and is Keto and PCOS friendly too.

Low in Carbs, High in Protein and Fibre

Most diabetic biscuits are full of refined flours and artificial sweeteners that negatively impact blood sugar. Our cookies have only 1 to 4 grams of net carbs per serving and 7-10 grams of protein. The higher protein and fibre content, in particular, helps balance blood sugar since protein digests slowly.

No Artificial Sweeteners or High GI Ingredients

We sweeten our biscuits naturally with stevia leaf extract. These plant-based sweeteners have virtually no effect on blood sugar. An industrial filler like Maltodextrin is extremely high GI and can still raise blood sugar.

An Ideal Snack for Diabetics

For diabetics, snacks play an important role in managing blood sugar levels and appetite. Our sugar-free digestive biscuits make an ideal snack because they curb hunger with healthy fats and protein, satisfy your sweet tooth, and help prevent energy crashes or spikes. They provide the perfect trifecta of nutrition, portion control, and great taste.

In summary, our sugar free cookies for diabetics were created to actually benefit diabetics and support blood sugar balance. They are made from high-quality, natural ingredients, lower in carbs, higher in protein, and free from artificial sweeteners. For diabetes management and overall health, ingredients matter. Our sugar-free biscuits prove you can have your cookie and eat it too!


So that's why we set out to create diabetes-friendly cookies that were actually fit for diabetic consumption. We wanted to prove that just because a product is made for diabetics doesn't mean it has to contain junk ingredients and taste weird. Our cookies are made from ingredients you can actually pronounce, like almond flour, coconut flour, stevia, and dark chocolate. They have a perfect balance of healthy fats, protein, and fiber to keep your blood sugar stable without any crashes. They're so delicious, you'll forget you're eating a diabetic-friendly cookie altogether. At the end of the day, people living with diabetes deserve better options. Our hope is that one day, all "diabetic" products will ditch the junk and start using real, wholesome ingredients. You deserve a cookie that's good for you and tastes great too. Until then, we'll be in the kitchen, whipping up a fresh batch of Almond, ONLY Almond cookies, just for you.


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