Our Product Philosophy

Artinci’s sweetener contains three ingredients across all our products - Polyols, Prebiotic Fibres and Stevia. Polyols are produced from natural sources like corn, through a fermentation process. Prebiotic Fibres are produced through enzyme reactions that ferment sugar. Stevia is a naturally-occurring plant, whose leaves are naturally sweet.

They are safe because:

  • Polyols are largely not digested by the body (we humans lack an enzyme to digest it). As it passes out of the body unprocessed, there is no change in blood sugar levels.
  • Prebiotic fibre helps the good bacteria in the gut. This means, better digestive health, and therefore, better immunity.
  • Stevia is a direct plant extract, and we use the purest and highest grade of the extract.

                                             no artificial sweetener

    We are committed to not using artificial sweeteners - so, sucralose, aspartame, saccharin and their ilk stay out of all our products

                                               low GI sweetener
    Our sweetener blend is lab-tested as having a Low Glycemic Index. Also, all the ingredients that go into our products are carefully curated as individually low carb and low GI.

    We are also absolutely committed to not using any of the higher GI sweeteners such as maltitol or maltodextrin.


    In simple terms, Low Glycemic Load = Low GI Ingredients + Low Carb values of the portion you eat. It is a measure of how quickly one’s blood sugar level rises, upon eating a portion of food.

    Artinci’s carefully designed portion sizes are meant to deliver a low glycemic load - this helps with guilt-free indulgence.


    We are also committed to not using hydrogenated fats or palm oil. These are significantly cheaper ingredients, and unfortunately, it shows on the health quotient. They come at a cost to one’s health and also to the environment (Did you know that palm oil production has increasingly led to rainforest deforestation?)

    At Artinci, ingredient integrity will ALWAYS trump ingredient cost. That’s an Artinci promise!                             

    We firmly believe that any food product is only as good as the ingredients that go into it. All our products are made with the real-deal.


    If it is a Dark Chocolate Cookie, actual dark chocolate is in it. If it is a Roasted Almond Ice Cream, there is real roasted almond in there. Our Cheesecakes are made with house-made Mascarpone cheese. We do NOT use “nature-identical” flavourings and artificial colouring.


    What’s more, we are committed to keeping our food miles as low as possible. All key ingredients - be it vanilla, chocolate, coffee - are all grown right here in India. India-grown single-origin Chocolate, or Coffee grown on the shades of the Western Ghats, taste just as wonderful as their international counterparts.