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Scientifically crafted for Diabetics by Diabetics

Artinci was born out of Aarti's and Sumit's (Artinci's founders) abiding love for great-tasting dessert, while helping them stay committed to their health goals as well. As a result, Artinci makes delicious desserts with zero sugar, that are science and evidence-backed.  

Aarti and Sumit come from a family of three generations of diabetics. They were themselves diagnosed pre-diabetic in 2012, and right there began a lifelong quest of a healthy, active lifestyle, including healthy swaps in food. Read more.

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Blissful Almond Cake

sugar free motichoor ladoo diabetic friendly

Sugar-free | Low Carb

Indian Sweets

Discover the perfect blend of sweetness and health with our delicious sugar-free Indian Sweets.

Did you know our Kaju Katlis are also Vegan?!

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double dark chocolate keto cookies

Sugar-free | Keto | Diabetic friendly


These cookies are your best partners for an anytime snack, chai-time or while traveling to work or wherever.

Psst...Our almond cookies are also a crowd favourite on Amazon :-)

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berries cake almond cake artinci

Sugar-free | Diabetic friendly | Keto


Choose from a range of Delicious cakes. Tea-time has never been better!

The gluten-free Berries cake is a personal favourite of the founders!

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Dessert Chronicles

Read about myths and truths about the world of sugar free sweeteners, managing diabetes, tips and hacks from the experts.

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    We understand that sugar is not good for health, but did you know that even jaggery, honey are not safe for diabetics? Read more here.

    Therefore, we only work with natural stevia based sweeteners which do not cause unwanted sugar spikes.

  • Low Carb, Low Calorie

    All our products have atleast 40-80% lower carbs than regular desserts & snacks. A low carb diet is indeed a good diet. Read more here.